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A little about me, I picked up my camera and never looked back. I opened my studio doors in Smithfield, back in 2014. I started photographing in my moms kitchen, we use to move out her dining room table and I'd bring clients into our home. I am just a hometown girl who is a huge supporter of small businesses. I drink way to much coffee and make way to do many to do lists. I have an obsession with snail mail, sending love notes is my favorite thing to do. 

I fell in love with photography, when I realized it has nothing to do with me - but  a way to make other's happy.. what is better than that. You never realize how much photographs mean to you, until they are all you have left. 

i'm Brittany

hi Friends, 

hometown girl living on a lil farm

photo by:Carly Michelle

farm life

old photographs

my husband

real moments

my dogs

rustic decor

I believe true love is about finding your best friend. The one you can't seem to live without.

I feel your wedding day should be full of all your favorites - favorite food. favorite music. and of course your favorite people. 

My style is bright and airy, just the way a wedding day should be full of light. I have way to much fun with a golden hour and love getting to know your family throughout the day. I am here to make your day a little easier and hopefully can you make you laugh along the way. 

I believe the marriage is greater than the wedding day

B's Philosophy

Be You, xo B