How I Backup My Files


Saving your files - is key to owning a photography business, of course! But what about parents who want to save files of their kids photos or artists saving photos of their design files. I receive numerous questions after sessions from clients on how to save photos! So I thought I'd share how I save files as a business owner and leave some other helpful tips!

How I backup my files.. At the beginning of each year I purchase 2 external hard drives (usually 2TB) both in the same color. I suggest purchasing from B&H or Staples. I save both raw and edited images on one external hard drive, then again on the other. I always label each external drive with "If lost please return too" and purchase a protective case. Once all my files are saved on my external hard drives, I backup my files on Pixieset. Other suggestions may be Dropbox or Google Drive. I leave one drive in my bag for work and the other in a safe at home. It is definitely a great feeling knowing you are doing everything you can to back up your clients photos. They aren't just photos, but memories -- that you don't ever want to erase. 

As for parents some suggestions for backing up files! I would recommend purchasing a large USB drive maybe 64g or 1TB external hard drive! After purchasing a drive you can save your files in folders by events or dates! It is also a great way to stay organized and make sure not to lose any of those important files that may be saved to your phone!

Another suggestion would be creating an email, that way you and your family members can email photos from birthday parties or graduations -- Once your child turns 18 maybe share that password with them as a present of all your memories you shared together! Finally another suggestion would be adding more iCloud storage to your phone! Spending the extra $2.99 a month will definitely be worth it incase anything happens. 


I hope these tips are helpful and remember to always back up your files every week or month! 

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