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B.Medeiros Design & Photography, established in 2014 specializes in newborn and wedding photography. Graduating from Johnson & Wales University with a degree in Graphic Design & Digital Media, minoring in Fashion Merchandise and Marketing, is where her love for photography first started. Brittany’s first setup was in her moms kitchen, every Saturday they would move out her kitchen table and set up her session. Starting from the bottom and growing each year has only made Britt appreciate all the hard work it takes to run a photography and branding business.

Meet Britt, She is a 26 year old photographer, fiance, dog mom and chicken mom. She is daughter, a sister, and friend and she take those jobs very seriously. Brittany is the biggest fan of candids. There’s nothing a baby’s giggle can’t fix. She is a hopeless romantic and a firm believer when it comes to true love and capturing the most authentic smiles and laughs. Brittany thinks handwritten cards and notes can make anyone’s day. Most importantly she believes the most precious people in our lives are the ones we don’t have enough photos with. “There are very few moments in our life where we can sit back and remember the details. I want your family moments to be one of them. “


i love, love.


I found my soulmate three years ago. My soon to be husband is the most supportive person I know. He understands the time it takes to run a business. He is the person behind all my marketing decisions, my set designs, and my shoulder to cry on. I love that I capture the love of your soulmate.

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I believe you don’t have enough pictures with the people that mean the most to you... You don’t realize how important photos are until they are all you have left.

but first coffee


My good moods are sponsored by coffee. I am the girl that can never finish a cup of coffee, but will make about five half cups all day. It makes me feel motivated especially the smell. Coffee & an episode of Friends, that’s me.